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EUROSTANDARD sp. z o.o. is a company that provides specialized services in the area of ​​Human Resources (HRO or leased employees). In order of our customers we form teams of suitably qualified and specialty and delegate them to the task of customers. We take full responsibilities of the employer providing the company that uses only labor organization of production processes. The feature of our company is that EUROSTANDARD sp. z o.o. is the operator providing services in Poland, our subsidiary company International Private employment agency "European Standard" (Ukraine, m. Lutsk). Workers employed on the Ukrainian company and sent on a mission to EUROSTANDARD sp. z o.o., which in turn provides services to Polish customers.

Developed by EUROSTANDARD system enables to offer their services at much lower prices compared to what they offer companies employing Polish workers. Savings can range from 20% at the large-scale business provides huge savings.

Guaranteed business continuity

EUROSTANDARD guarantees the continuity of the work of their teams. This means that in cases where for various reasons the employee will not be able to perform his work in his place in a few days will come another specialist. In this way, the company has a guarantee that it will do its work in time without unnecessary downtime.

Legal basis for the provision of services

Legal basis of performance dlia your company is a contract of cooperation with Eurostandard Sp. o.o. Contractor services (Eurostandard Sp. O.o.) - a Polish resident all this cooperation is carried out within the framework of Polish law.

 The workers employed on contract work with the Ukrainian company, which has delegated them to the Polish under contract with Eurostandard Sp. o.o. Eurostandard buys export service of the Ukrainian company and resells it to you.

 No employee relations, civil or other between Your company and seconded employees, therefore the Customer shall not be obowjązkow employer in respect of such persons or liability for violating the rights of employment and residence of foreigners.

 Such activity does not need permits or licenses dlia company jednoczećnie The workers have individual authorization for works that attest to the legality of the work of haircuts RP and enables continuous operation. Deal with all the formalities associated with the authorization and vizami is totally on our side

 * An exception is conducting Your party briefing and meet the conditions of Technology Safety and hygiene at the work place.

** The contemporary Polish law allows the work of employees - citizens of Ukraine without a special permit in the Republic of Polish. However, our employees have long-term work permits.

What we specialize in

    Our company specializes in principle to assembly and welding works construction from black metal. (Welding MIG 131). They are professionals, which performs other works from metal and finished construction of its (sanding, painting).

    We participate in the assembly and manufacture of various types of metal structures such as containers, firmly fuel boilers, śmiecieżniwna engineering, construction fittings, and the like.

   In our company are working professionals who also have other methods of welding (135 MAG, TIG 141)

    We are brigades of qualified builders (masons, armaturnyki, specialists warming houses). We have experience working on various construction sites, and we can secure as professionals and as auxiliary staff of any building construction.

 On request of the company concerned, we can prepare and organize a group of employees of any qualification, the resolution of the problem of security workforce while optimizing its costs.

Taxes are the first to accomplish a function of fiscal, which boils down to the fact that the tax has a very important role as the primary type of budget revenues. Its dimensions exceed the revenues from other services, such as fees, duties or loan. The fiscal is one of the oldest functions of the tax. And in modern times, and in modern times Taxes secure payment of major public expenditure.

Closely related to the function is the function of fiscal adjustment. It involves the formation of income and wealth at the disposal of taxpayers. With taxes redistribution of national income and wealth between taxpayers and public-law unions, which are state and local government bodies. The scope of the redistribution of the tax depends on the structure of the economy.

The Stimulation, however, means the use of fiscal instruments to influence the terms of the actions of individuals and on the directions and pace of their development. The Stimulation realized by diversifying the tax burden, so that tax can influence encouraging or discouraging for decisions on conduct of business. The practical expression of the realization of this function in a positive sense is a system of exemptions and tax credits. Currently, the majority of the relief has been abolished and replaced by the introduction of 19% income tax for entrepreneurs.

The last of these functions is the function of tax information. It consists in the fact that the implementation of tax revenues in total or from a specific tax provides information about the regularities or irregularities of economic processes. A significant reduction in revenues from operators can provide, eg. The difficulties in disposing of production or enforcing receivables from certain counterparties.

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