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Eurostandard works in Polish and Ukrainian market for over 10 years. Currently, we employ about 200 people.

We offer jobs both in Ukraine and in Poland. Work in Ukraine on the territory of our production base in Kivertsi (Volyn).

Our advantages are:
- Formal employment
- Work without intermediaries
- Retention of seniority in Ukraine
- Medical insurance
- Free jobs
- Regular raising
- Career advancement
There are many attractive offers on the market right now. Everyone is looking for skilled and not even very skilled workers. We are looking for employees who value stability, legality of employment and compliance with the terms of the contract.

We are proud of our team that have been with us for many years!

One of our employees is Mikulovsky Vitaliy.
Vitaliy began his career as a locksmith in Gdansk at the ship repairing "Stosznia Remontowa" in 2013. Then he was promoted to the post of production manager, which was overseen by foremen and several dozen skilled workers.

Our employee Baka Oleg also has great respect in the team.
Oleg has been working with the company since 2007, started as a painter. Then he was promoted to the position of a locksmith and currently works at the position of foreman in the city of Chlukhiv at Remprodex, where various elements for agricultural machinery are made.

One of our best employees is Sergey Kryvalchuk.
Sergey has been with us since 2007, started as a part-time employee. For now he  is now a crane operator at the well-known Polish warehouse of Bowim metal products.
And there are many such employees in our company. They are the  ground of a great future of our company!